Western Australia Is Pretty Much A Wildflower Haven

WildflowerBlessed with immense dimensions, photogenic landscapes and stunning natural attractions, Western Australia has plenty of things to boast of. However, there is one more thing that attracts nature lovers and photographers to this state. Right from the middle of July up to the beginning of November, major locations across the state remain blanketed with over 12,000 different wildflower species. And in order to commemorate the wildflower season, local parks and reserves host a number of festivals where enthusiasts are offered guided tours for witnessing the glory of the exquisite blooms.

wildflower AustraliaIf you are planning to visit Western Australia just for taking a close look at its wildflowers, then it would be best to plan your trip during September or early October. Keep Perth and Kojonup on your must-go-to list, as they host the best wildflower festivals in the state. When you are finally there, you can begin your journey with the Kodja Place, which features a mesmerising display of indigenous blooms and orchids, in association with the annual Kojonup Wildflower Bloom Festival. There are guided wildflower tours that you can take part in and get to know more about the stunning floral beauties from herbarium references, which are always available at hand. Besides that, you would have plenty of other activities to engross yourself into, such as viewing the Bush Pockets in the courtyard of Kodja Place, taking a Bush Tucker tour and so on.

kings-park-in-perthWhen your wanderlust for Kojonup is satiated, head to the Kings Park in Perth. The Kings Park not only showcases a brilliant display of blooms during the wildflower season, but also facilitates free guided tours, family activities, sale of native plants, and to top it all of, art & music. If you wish to enjoy more, then drive to the famous Swan Valley region, where you can help yourself to an appetising lunch and some excellent wine.

whiteman-parkAfter lunch, if you still wish to explore further, then your best bet would be the Whiteman Park – a paradise for photographers. And what doesn’t it feature during the wildflower season! There is a range of flower trails where you can feast your eyes upon grass trees, bark banksia and hibberias, but that’s not all. Take a walk through the Noble Falls Walk Trail and you will find yourself surrounded by orchids, petrophilus, trigger plants, haekass, verticordias, isopogons and grevilleas. Even if you are not a shutterbug, don’t forget to pull out your smartphone camera and capture beautiful memories.