The Perks Of Staying In A Bed And Breakfast Accommodation

Bed And Breakfast AccommodationWhether you are planning a holiday trip all by yourself, or with your partner, friends or family, booking a comfortable and budget accommodation at your preferred tour destination is a must. There are different types of accommodation options available in every part of Australia – hotels, motels, apartments, bed & breakfast, lodges, hostels and many more. However, if you prefer a holiday spot where you can spend some memorable moments in a peaceful and calm environment, then it would be better if you opt for a bed and breakfast accommodation. Most B&Bs are situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides that, staying at one will provide you with a quality amount of relaxation, comfort, intimacy and charm.

Stated below are some of the important advantages of booking a bed & breakfast accommodation, have a look –

Kojonup Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

  1. Complimentary Breakfast – As its name suggests, a bed and breakfast accommodation service offers complimentary and organic breakfast. The rates are generally included in the room tariffs, but sometimes there are also meal upgradation options that you can choose as per your needs and requirements. Thus, staying in a bed and breakfast accommodation will allow you to enjoy a fresh and crisp breakfast every morning during your stay.
  2. Great Customer Service – Every guest of a B&B is provided with superior level customer service by the owner and staff of the facility. The property is well maintained and taken care of by the property holder. Thus, you will always feel more welcomed at a bed and breakfast facility than a hotel or guest house. In other words, staying at a B&B gives a feeling of home away from home.
  3. Explore The Local Areas – Another advantage of staying at a bed and breakfast is that you can get the chance of exploring various local attractions. For instance, if you are staying in Kojonup, then you can go for the wildflower tours. Thus, you’d never have to miss out on the chance of visiting local hubs and can explore them as much as you want.
  4. Fully Equipped – Normall, any good B&B always provides different room choices. You can easily choose any of them according to your requirements. On top of that, all rooms are furnished with modern equipment such as air conditioner, DVD player, TV, hair dryer, etc.

So before booking your final staying option, take into consideration the aforementioned perks of staying at a bed and breakfast accommodation.

The Unique Features Of A Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

ar130677893632362.jpgA bed and breakfast is a home away from home, providing a good breakfast and a comfortable night’s stay. This type of accommodation not only gives bed and breakfast services but also allows personal contact between the host and the guests. There are quite a handful of B&Bs providing family accommodation in Kojonup, Australia. People who stay in bed and breakfast are usually the ones looking for a quality service and lodging at a reasonable price. However, in most B&Bs, breakfast is included with the price of the stay. If you are planning a trip to Kojonup and haven’t booked a place to stay yet, here are some important reasons why you should try out a bed and breakfast.

Cheaper than hotels
cheaper-than-hotelsInstead of staying in an overpriced five-star hotel, it is ideal enough to stay in a B&B since the latter provides delicious and refreshing breakfasts and a cosy, soft bed to sleep on. This is an effective cost-cutting method of letting guests stay over without having to deal with the superfluous expenses. Services like laundry, kitchen facilities and WiFi are also provided by B&B hosts.

Homemade breakfast are usually served
Bed & Breakfast Cheaper than hotels.jpgUnlike hotels where ready-to-eat breakfasts are served, B&B provides homemade breakfast to their guests. It is an awesome place to stay for people who tend to get homesick while travelling. Since breakfast is included within the price of the room, you can fill your stomach with tasty local food and drinks to get yourself started for the day.

Safety and cleanliness
The Unique Features Of A Bed &  Breakfast Accommodation .jpgSince you are staying in a small room at a B&B, it is easy to differentiate between the hosts, guests and outsiders. This ensures much safer surrounding unlike that of big hotels. Again, the owners of B&B have a great tendency to keep the rooms neat and tidy. This is because a greater level of responsibility comes when running a B&B.

Meet other guests
The Unique Features Of A Bed & Breakfast  Accommodation.jpgIf you are interested in meeting new people – to do activities with or share anecdotes from personal experiences, a B&B accommodation is the right place. You can always invite someone over for breakfast and create a better experience of your journey with them in the process.

So, if this ideas interest you, book an accommodation at a B&B. You would be able to enjoy a new experience that can be both cherishable and profitable for you.

A Guide To The Great Southern Region Of Western Australia

A Guide To The Great Southern Region Of  Western Australia.jpgA trip to the Great Southern region of Western Australia will not only allow you to cherish your presence amidst a unique & spectacular natural environment, but also provide a memorable experience filled with food, history and wine. Though this region is a bit far away along a less trodden track and quite isolated, the solitude that offered by this place is invigorating and peaceful.

The Great Southern is inhabited mainly by fisherfolk and mariners, and also the Noongar people. It is also the home to thousands of indigenous animals living in the forests. There are farming communities as well, who work closely and harvest their crops during summer.

A Guide To The Great Southern Region Of Western Australia .jpg

As has been mentioned already, the culture of the Great Southern region is characterised by a love for great wine and food. On one hand, the pristine seas surrounding the area deliver a variety of seafood. In addition to that, the agricultural land practically acts as a bowl of food for the whole state and regional chefs serve inspired fare. Simultaneously, wine is available in abundance across 5 sub-regions of the Great Southern. What’s more is that each of those sub-regions have their own distinct terroir.

The mountain wilderness, forests and spectacular coastlines of the place are a treat to the eyes of any nature lover. There are several attractions available for tourists, including the Granite Skywalk in Porongurup Range, the Natural Bridge & Gap in Albany and so on. According to locals, the best time for visiting the Great Southern is autumn, as the whole place attains a soothing stillness that is ideal enjoying mountain biking, coastal treks, alfresco winery lunches and bushwalking.

11.Contos Beach, Cape-to-Cape track, Western Australia

However, winter is also not a bad time for holidaying in this awesome place. Throughout the chilly days of June to October, whales start to appear in large numbers in the Southern Ocean. Days alternate from being sunny and still to wet and cold. The weather becomes perfect to enjoy hearty meals in front of roaring log fires.

Places which offer the best accommodation in The Great Southern are Kojonup and Albany. While Albany has its own motels and holiday apartments to boast of, Kojonup boasts of many B&B accommodation facilities offering corporate packages. So if you are making plans to visit the Great Southern soon enough, make sure to book a place to stay in either Albany or Kojonup well in advance.


Planning A Trip To Kojonup

Trip To Kojonup.jpgLocated 2-hours drive away from the city of Perth on the Albany Highway is Kojonup, one of the oldest places in Western Australia. The region is more than a historic town or an exquisite gateway to the Great Southern. The heart of this place houses the famous freshwater spring which attracted the European settlers for the first time ever in 1837. In addition to that, Kojonup is also home to the Old Military Barracks, which is one of the most antique military structures in Western Australia.

Kojonup possesses a lengthy and proud history that stretches back almost centuries to those days when the nomadic Aborigines started settling in the area due to availability of abundant game and also the freshwater spring. The name of the town itself bears a historical significance. It was derived from ‘kodja’, a stone axe that was made by the Aborigines using local stone found in the region. For those who wish to know more about the indigenous culture and history, a visit to the famous Kodja place is imperative.Planning A Trip To Kojonup?.jpg

The Kodja Place remains open for visitors all throughout the year except for Christmas Day. Its main attractions are the Australian Rose Maze and 3 Women’s Stories, the Kodj Gallery & storyplace and Jack’s indigenous tours. The appealing and spacious settings of the place are also rented out for weddings, cocktail events, meetings and concerts. Its Visitor Centre features a wonderful gift shop offering Noongar-Indigenous craft, art, stationery, printed shirts, gourmet produce, greeting cards, books and lots of other goods.

There are plenty of places that offer family accommodation in Kojonup, such as bread & breakfasts, hotels, resorts, etc. The town is also exceptionally well-equipped with various facilities for catering to nearly all sports activities. Travellers can even simply relax by basking in the tranquillity and peacefulness of the surroundings. For nature lovers, there is the picturesque countryside, filled with wildflowers and native wildlife. Many homes in Kojonup also take part in Australian Open Garden Scheme under the Festival of Wildflowers organised every year in September.Planning A Trip To Kojonup.jpgIf somebody is looking for a good place to eat and drink in Kojonup, they definitely would not be disappointed with the available options. Pizza and lamb souvlaki lovers can dine at Tom’s Bakehouse, which also serves freshly made pastries. Then there are the 124 Cafe, another pizza joint and Caltex, where one can get great tasting food & coffee.

How Are B&B Facilities Operated So Efficiently

How Are B&B Facilities Operated So EfficientlyThere are many amongst us who love to stay at bed and breakfasts during holidays and vacations. This is because these accommodation facilities go extremes to ensure a great degree of comfort for their guests. Moreover, they also provide a wide range of attractive amenities which can be hard to find at hotels and resorts. But have any of us ever wondered how B&B owners in Kojonup offer such convenience? According to travel connoisseurs, breakfast and mattress marketing authorities rely mostly upon innovation and creativity to compete with other accommodation options available in Kojonup.

When making plans to start his or her business, a B&B owner usually begins by selecting a scenic and quiet place for setting up the facility. They also make sure that popular attractions of the place are in close proximity of their chosen region. Once the premises are up and ready to be opened for guests, the owner puts in some serious effort to ensure convenience by including as many comfortable features as his or her budget allows, like free WiFi, BBQ areas, heating and air conditioning facilities and so on. Next comes arrangement of a hearty breakfast, which travellers generally expect from a B&B. The person in charge of everything either cooks the morning meal or hires someone who would be able to handle the task effectively. The menu items are generally prepared as per appropriate restaurant specifications.
How Are B&B Facilities Operated So Efficiently02

Bed and breakfast owners also go great lengths to ensure privacy for their guest during their stay. This is one of the main reasons why people choose B&Bs for sharing their getaway moments with family members or close friends. Besides, most B&B management authorities also act as a perfect guide for their clients. They are always ready to provide information on nearly every subject pertaining to the region, such local attractions, popular activities, eateries, means of transport, etc.

To gain loyal customers, B&B owners do everything in their power to provide top quality services. They also perform a lot of maintenance work regularly to keep their facilities spick and span. They even give a high priority to cleanliness in all rooms of their accommodation, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

So now you have got some idea about why B&Bs are so alluring and how they provide such a peaceful and comfortable place to relax. And if you are one of those folks who have got tired of staying at inconvenient hotels, it is more the reason why you need to spend your vacation at a B&B accommodation next time.

How To Organise A Stress Free Family Holiday in Kojonup

How To Organise A Stress Free Family Holiday in KojonupFamily holidays are always fun, but a small mistake can ruin the whole thing. So while preparing the to-do-list for a family trip to Kojonup, make sure that you haven’t missed out any important thing. In order to have a hassle free journey, you will also need to do a little bit of research and planning before starting the entire preparation. Stated below are some tips that you can use while organising a family vacation. Have a look:

Put a family member in-charge of the vacation : 

Making a family member in-charge of the trip is one of the most prudent things you can do for planning the vacation. Whether you have a nuclear family or a joint one, try to appoint a responsible member who can handle everything easily. Suggest your appointed member to arrange a master schedule and make them the central point of contact.

Decide the date and destination : 

Fix a date and a destination according to every one’s choice. Make sure each member is happy with the date and trip location. Additionally, make sure that the budget has been fixed beforehand. The person in charge needs to take care of the budget factors. Remember, you are planning a family get together. So your primary objective should be to make everyone happy and satisfied.

Choose an accommodation : 

There are different types of accommodations available for families. For example, if you want to stay in a bed and breakfast resort, then it won’t be tough for you to find a family accommodation as per your requirements. Alternatively, staying at a relative’s house can also be considered as an option, if that is possible. You will be able to save a significant amount of your total budget. However, do not compromise with the comfort of your family. After all, your primary aim is to spend some quality time with your loved ones. So try to book a simple but cozy accommodation where everyone can have a lot of fun together.

Plan some interactive activities together : 

Don’t make the trip a boring one. Arrange for some interactive fun activities and keep every person engaged. For example, if you are staying at a bed and breakfast accommodation, then you will have an option to arrange some cooking meals together. This will help you and your family to work together inside the kitchen, which can be a great fun-filled activity.