The Perks Of Staying In A Bed And Breakfast Accommodation

Bed And Breakfast AccommodationWhether you are planning a holiday trip all by yourself, or with your partner, friends or family, booking a comfortable and budget accommodation at your preferred tour destination is a must. There are different types of accommodation options available in every part of Australia – hotels, motels, apartments, bed & breakfast, lodges, hostels and many more. However, if you prefer a holiday spot where you can spend some memorable moments in a peaceful and calm environment, then it would be better if you opt for a bed and breakfast accommodation. Most B&Bs are situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides that, staying at one will provide you with a quality amount of relaxation, comfort, intimacy and charm.

Stated below are some of the important advantages of booking a bed & breakfast accommodation, have a look –

Kojonup Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

  1. Complimentary Breakfast – As its name suggests, a bed and breakfast accommodation service offers complimentary and organic breakfast. The rates are generally included in the room tariffs, but sometimes there are also meal upgradation options that you can choose as per your needs and requirements. Thus, staying in a bed and breakfast accommodation will allow you to enjoy a fresh and crisp breakfast every morning during your stay.
  2. Great Customer Service – Every guest of a B&B is provided with superior level customer service by the owner and staff of the facility. The property is well maintained and taken care of by the property holder. Thus, you will always feel more welcomed at a bed and breakfast facility than a hotel or guest house. In other words, staying at a B&B gives a feeling of home away from home.
  3. Explore The Local Areas – Another advantage of staying at a bed and breakfast is that you can get the chance of exploring various local attractions. For instance, if you are staying in Kojonup, then you can go for the wildflower tours. Thus, you’d never have to miss out on the chance of visiting local hubs and can explore them as much as you want.
  4. Fully Equipped – Normall, any good B&B always provides different room choices. You can easily choose any of them according to your requirements. On top of that, all rooms are furnished with modern equipment such as air conditioner, DVD player, TV, hair dryer, etc.

So before booking your final staying option, take into consideration the aforementioned perks of staying at a bed and breakfast accommodation.


Upcoming Events In Kojonup That You Must Attend

Upcoming Events In Kojonup That You Must Attend .jpgAre you one of those social butterfly Aussies who love to attend one or more events every week? If your answer is yes, then you will be delighted to know that Kojonup is going to host a number of social events in the upcoming weeks. Even if you are not a resident of the city, no worries. Most of the programs are open to the general public, and the best part is that tourists are welcome too. So book an accommodation in Kojonup in advance and gear up for enjoying your pre-Christmas weeks with these:

Donnybrook Food & Wine Fest
Donnybrook Food & Wine  Fest.png
Do you love attending family friendly parties with your partner and kids? Then you definitely don’t want to miss the Donnybrook Food & Wine Fest, which is going to take place on 26th November. The event would feature live entertainment programmes, activities for kids completely free of cost, and several specialty stalls. In addition to enjoying these, you will also get the opportunity to taste the best wine and food from south-west. There is no entry fee, all you need to do is drive to the Donnybrook Amphitheatre in the Southwest Highway.

Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival
Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival.jpg
Enthusiastic about community festival ceremonies? Then pop down to Manjimup for partaking in the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival, which will celebrate the versatility of the regional horticultural industry. There would be a vast range of entertainment programmes and activities for adults as well as kids. So if you are interested in attending the festival, then set a reminder for 10th December. The event will start at 9 in the morning and end after 6pm.

Vasse Felix Sound & Sense
Vasse Felix Sound & Sense.jpg
If you are a music lover and foodie, it would be a shame to miss the Vasse Felix Sound & Sense. Selling out almost every year, this wonderful event hosted in the Margaret River region incorporates scrumptious delicacies, award-winning wines and excellent music from talented artists. This year, Vasse Felix Festival is going to take place for three days, commencing from 9 December. Ticket prices start from $10 for children and $40 for adults.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to attend these fantastic events to make your weeks leading to Christmas indelible. For more information on the festivals, you can check out official websites or just search on Google. If you wish for your friends and relatives to accompany you, then don’t forget to inform them in advance.

Australia – The Lucky Country

Australia - The Lucky Country  .jpgAustralia is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world and also a nation that attracts thousands of tourists from far and wide every year. Whenever talking about Australia, people who haven’t been here assume it to be a place with neverending summer, easy living, countless horizons and great beer. The nation has quite a reputation for being friendly with everyone and possessing an indomitable spirit. There is no wonder why the Aussies call their land the Lucky Country.

The life and cultural aspects of Australia is the result of its population and scale, be it the wonderful outdoors or the amicable attitude of the locals. The contemporary culture of the country is totally in contrast with its ancient landscape. Majority of western and central Australia is extremely flat and arid. Maintaining a sharp polarity to all that, the young cities of the country burst with youthful and vibrant exuberance.

For those who wish to feast their eyes on picturesque landscape, the fabled Outback covering a vast area and spreading west of Great Dividing Range is more than ideal. This beautiful desert is characterised by cinnamon-red earth, spectacular blue skies, bizarre geological features and deserted gorges. The area has been known to play host more than 70,000 years for the oldest surviving culture of humans.

Since the interior of the nation is harsh in terms of climate and ecology, most of the populace resides near the coastal regions. They are used to living an energetic life, and regularly enjoy a sunny climate, accompanied by the comfortable backyard and beach culture.

However, all these do not mean that Australia is mostly about deserts and coastal areas. The western part of the country is blessed with abundant flora and fauna, with lush green landscapes and spectacular natural attractions. The Great Southern area of the WA is a paradise for nature lovers. The different towns situated in the region, including Perth, Albany, Esperance and Kojonup are excellent for visitors. They have a wide range of accommodation facilities available, including bed & breakfasts, hotels, resorts and guest houses.

Australia is a land of diverse landscapes and stunning geographical features. It is place where different forms of entertainment flourish with proliferation. It is a country with a varied and diverse wildlife, exotic in its own right. With so much to offer, it is no surprise that Australia is able to draw in thousands of tourists and travellers every year.

The Unique Features Of A Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

ar130677893632362.jpgA bed and breakfast is a home away from home, providing a good breakfast and a comfortable night’s stay. This type of accommodation not only gives bed and breakfast services but also allows personal contact between the host and the guests. There are quite a handful of B&Bs providing family accommodation in Kojonup, Australia. People who stay in bed and breakfast are usually the ones looking for a quality service and lodging at a reasonable price. However, in most B&Bs, breakfast is included with the price of the stay. If you are planning a trip to Kojonup and haven’t booked a place to stay yet, here are some important reasons why you should try out a bed and breakfast.

Cheaper than hotels
cheaper-than-hotelsInstead of staying in an overpriced five-star hotel, it is ideal enough to stay in a B&B since the latter provides delicious and refreshing breakfasts and a cosy, soft bed to sleep on. This is an effective cost-cutting method of letting guests stay over without having to deal with the superfluous expenses. Services like laundry, kitchen facilities and WiFi are also provided by B&B hosts.

Homemade breakfast are usually served
Bed & Breakfast Cheaper than hotels.jpgUnlike hotels where ready-to-eat breakfasts are served, B&B provides homemade breakfast to their guests. It is an awesome place to stay for people who tend to get homesick while travelling. Since breakfast is included within the price of the room, you can fill your stomach with tasty local food and drinks to get yourself started for the day.

Safety and cleanliness
The Unique Features Of A Bed &  Breakfast Accommodation .jpgSince you are staying in a small room at a B&B, it is easy to differentiate between the hosts, guests and outsiders. This ensures much safer surrounding unlike that of big hotels. Again, the owners of B&B have a great tendency to keep the rooms neat and tidy. This is because a greater level of responsibility comes when running a B&B.

Meet other guests
The Unique Features Of A Bed & Breakfast  Accommodation.jpgIf you are interested in meeting new people – to do activities with or share anecdotes from personal experiences, a B&B accommodation is the right place. You can always invite someone over for breakfast and create a better experience of your journey with them in the process.

So, if this ideas interest you, book an accommodation at a B&B. You would be able to enjoy a new experience that can be both cherishable and profitable for you.

Can A B&B Facility Be Used As A Wedding Venue?

Can A B&B Facility Be Used As A Wedding Venue.jpgSome people will definitely shrug at the idea of having their big day celebrated at a B&B accommodation facility. But think again. Would it not be an excellent idea to tie your knots with your partner at some place as homely and charming as a bed and breakfast? It can be great for those who wish to have an intimate or low-key ceremony with a few people. Besides that, you can expect really good customer service as well because of the universal truth that B&B owners treat their guests better than hotels and lodges.Can A B&B Facility Be Used  As A Wedding Venue?.jpg

Many an accommodation like Clover House providing bed and breakfast in Kojonup are old properties with plenty of character. Moreover, you will not have to spend too much money for booking the place, unlike a typical wedding venue. Once you have paid the accommodation charges, you will be left with the entire place to segregate as you like for use as reception, party room, places for guests to relax and so on. Of course, the place would not be as modern as a large wedding centre in the middle of the city. But it will pack in homely and intimate atmosphere that can be found nowhere else.

Can A B&B Facility Be Used As A Wedding Venue?.gif

Moreover, B&B facilities usually have several eateries and diners located in close proximity, so you do not need to worry about the food for your guests at all. Most of these places serve a wide variety of delicacies, including lamb souvlakis, pastries, pizza, burgers, salad sandwiches, steaks, etc. The only thing you got to do is decide the menu for your party.

Can A B&B Facility Be Used As A Wedding  Venue?.jpg

Once the wedding is over, the B&B accommodation can be an ideal romantic and cosy escapade for you & your spouse. Apart from that, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your guests may use the rooms available for relaxing and sleeping in case some of them decide to stay.

Can A B&B Facility Be  Used As A Wedding Venue?.jpg

Organising your wedding at a bed and breakfast facility can be a memorable and wonderful experience for you & your partner as well as the bridal party. And from the above mentioned facts, it is quite evident that using a B&B as a wedding venue has a plethora of perks, especially for those with a tight budget. The bed and breakfast accommodation facility Clover House even offers group discounts. Just make sure to book in advance.