Can A B&B Facility Be Used As A Wedding Venue?

Can A B&B Facility Be Used As A Wedding Venue.jpgSome people will definitely shrug at the idea of having their big day celebrated at a B&B accommodation facility. But think again. Would it not be an excellent idea to tie your knots with your partner at some place as homely and charming as a bed and breakfast? It can be great for those who wish to have an intimate or low-key ceremony with a few people. Besides that, you can expect really good customer service as well because of the universal truth that B&B owners treat their guests better than hotels and lodges.Can A B&B Facility Be Used  As A Wedding Venue?.jpg

Many an accommodation like Clover House providing bed and breakfast in Kojonup are old properties with plenty of character. Moreover, you will not have to spend too much money for booking the place, unlike a typical wedding venue. Once you have paid the accommodation charges, you will be left with the entire place to segregate as you like for use as reception, party room, places for guests to relax and so on. Of course, the place would not be as modern as a large wedding centre in the middle of the city. But it will pack in homely and intimate atmosphere that can be found nowhere else.

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Moreover, B&B facilities usually have several eateries and diners located in close proximity, so you do not need to worry about the food for your guests at all. Most of these places serve a wide variety of delicacies, including lamb souvlakis, pastries, pizza, burgers, salad sandwiches, steaks, etc. The only thing you got to do is decide the menu for your party.

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Once the wedding is over, the B&B accommodation can be an ideal romantic and cosy escapade for you & your spouse. Apart from that, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your guests may use the rooms available for relaxing and sleeping in case some of them decide to stay.

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Organising your wedding at a bed and breakfast facility can be a memorable and wonderful experience for you & your partner as well as the bridal party. And from the above mentioned facts, it is quite evident that using a B&B as a wedding venue has a plethora of perks, especially for those with a tight budget. The bed and breakfast accommodation facility Clover House even offers group discounts. Just make sure to book in advance.