Australia – The Lucky Country

Australia - The Lucky Country  .jpgAustralia is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world and also a nation that attracts thousands of tourists from far and wide every year. Whenever talking about Australia, people who haven’t been here assume it to be a place with neverending summer, easy living, countless horizons and great beer. The nation has quite a reputation for being friendly with everyone and possessing an indomitable spirit. There is no wonder why the Aussies call their land the Lucky Country.

The life and cultural aspects of Australia is the result of its population and scale, be it the wonderful outdoors or the amicable attitude of the locals. The contemporary culture of the country is totally in contrast with its ancient landscape. Majority of western and central Australia is extremely flat and arid. Maintaining a sharp polarity to all that, the young cities of the country burst with youthful and vibrant exuberance.

For those who wish to feast their eyes on picturesque landscape, the fabled Outback covering a vast area and spreading west of Great Dividing Range is more than ideal. This beautiful desert is characterised by cinnamon-red earth, spectacular blue skies, bizarre geological features and deserted gorges. The area has been known to play host more than 70,000 years for the oldest surviving culture of humans.

Since the interior of the nation is harsh in terms of climate and ecology, most of the populace resides near the coastal regions. They are used to living an energetic life, and regularly enjoy a sunny climate, accompanied by the comfortable backyard and beach culture.

However, all these do not mean that Australia is mostly about deserts and coastal areas. The western part of the country is blessed with abundant flora and fauna, with lush green landscapes and spectacular natural attractions. The Great Southern area of the WA is a paradise for nature lovers. The different towns situated in the region, including Perth, Albany, Esperance and Kojonup are excellent for visitors. They have a wide range of accommodation facilities available, including bed & breakfasts, hotels, resorts and guest houses.

Australia is a land of diverse landscapes and stunning geographical features. It is place where different forms of entertainment flourish with proliferation. It is a country with a varied and diverse wildlife, exotic in its own right. With so much to offer, it is no surprise that Australia is able to draw in thousands of tourists and travellers every year.


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