Interesting Facts About The Wildflower Season

interesting-facts-about-the-wildflower-seasonAre you extremely fond of wildflowers? If yes, you will be delighted to know that the greatest wildflower show on Earth has already begun throughout Western Australia and will continue till November. So there is still time for you to take a week’s leave from work, pack your bags, book your flight tickets and head towards WA. However, before you start your quest, it can be great to know a few things about the wildflower season of the Australian state:

  • The internationally popular wildflower season of Western Australia starts from the end of June and lasts up to early November. However, the peak months are usually August, September and October. But the season’s time of arrival can vary every year slightly in different regions of the state due to weather conditions.
  • Local visitor centres provide great assistance during the wildflower season. They can recommend areas like local trails where the typical blooms are most likely to be found. They also offer useful brochures and advice about which flowers might be available during your visit. In case you wish to identify the blooms that you sight, you can even buy a wildflower directory.
  • There are many national parks which can offer you an excellent wildflower viewing experience. Thus, if you are planning to travel around the state, consider camping overnight or an entire day out.
  • In case you are visiting any region in the southwest or taking part in any activity there, such as Kojonup wildflower tours, avoid going to that place right after heavy rainfall for at least a couple of days. Even then, make sure you stick to the roads and avoid stepping on wet soil. Don’t forget to clean the soles of your shoes every now and then. Doing so would help to prevent dieback from spreading.
  • Never ever try to pick any of the blooms that you see during the tours, it can cause you to incur penalties. This is because picking wildflowers in Western Australia is illegal.

Interesting  Facts About The Wildflower Season.jpgThus, now you have a basic idea about what you can expect when visiting WA for the sole purpose of watching wildflowers. In addition to the above mentioned, you must also be aware of the fact that there are a variety of accommodation options available. You can even opt for the most popular type – a bed and breakfast. Whatever you do, make sure to consider the budget before finalising your decision.


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