Top Aboriginal Experiences In Western Australia

top-aboriginal-experiences-in-waIf you are interested in knowing about and exploring the Aboriginal culture of Australia, you would be delighted to know the state of Western Australia offers plenty of opportunities to do so. There are spectacular and beautiful landscapes that you can visit and tour by kayak, on foot or even overland. What’s best is that you will be assisted during your tours by intriguing and vibrant Aboriginal guides.

Here are the top Aboriginal experiences of Western Australia:

Kodja Place, Kojonup

Kodja Place, Kojonup.jpgThe Kodja Place is an exotic and exquisite museum as well as a culturally interpretive place that features various interesting displays – pictures, stories, exhibits and artifacts. In addition to that, there is also an astonishing rose maze. You can easily participate in a cultural tour to know about different traditions of the region. There is also a fantastic B&B just near the highway and it is regarded as one of the best facilities offering comfortable accommodation in Kojonup.

Koomal Dreaming, Dunsborough

Koomal Dreaming, Dunsborough.jpgCurated by a skilled musician Josh Whiteland, the Koomal Dreaming can provide an amazing experience of the local culture of Dunsborough, along with Dreamtime stories and enchanting didgeridoo performance by Josh himself. And all of this will take place nowhere but inside the Ngilgi cave. While talking about Dreaming spirit, plants and animals, Josh will also demonstrate the ancient tool making methods and fire lighting techniques.

Urban Indigenous, Perth

Urban Indigenous, Perth.jpgWant to gain insight of the culture prevailing in the wild South West or Kimberley? Urban Indigenous is just what you are looking for. It offers private guided tours of Perth as well as its surrounding areas. It also provides the opportunity to know about the community and culture of the Aboriginal people.

Shark Bay Coastal Tours, Shark Bay

Shark Bay Coastal Tours, Shark Bay .jpgOwned by an Aboriginal family, the Shark Bay Coastal Tours is an excellent opportunity to enjoy four-wheeler drive adventures in the Monkey Mia and Shark Bay regions. Through the guided tours, you would be able to witness the limestone blowholes & cliffs at Steep Points and the famous Stromatolites on the Shell Beach. You will also get to know about the old hunting techniques at Eagle Bluff. The tours would feature fresh local seafood and home cooked meals as well.

Now you know where to go for experiencing the Aboriginal culture of Australia. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the traditions and ideals of the centuries-old community.


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