Places To See & Things To Do In Sydney

homepage-australia-sailing-on-sydney-harbour-opera-house-2000x837.jpgOver the past few years, I have visited Sydney several times and discovered a lot about the spots I always make sure not to miss. Whether your idea of travelling is visiting the most well-known tourist spots or preferring the best spots a little more off the beaten track, i’ve got a few tips and tricks to improve your next visit to Sydney, Australia.

I’ve created this all-in-one guide to Sydney to provide some much-needed travel inspiration to hopefully add some new ideas to that ever-growing bucket list. From the best places to discover amazing food or to marvel at the cities many architectural feats; this list has got you covered.

Best Place To Find Food

If you can only fit in one place to experience amazing food, visit; “the rocks”. Widely known as Sydney’s “one stop shop” for the widest collection of cafes and restaurants, this area is bustling with people allowing you to experience the best food Sydney has to offer with a harbourside view. With the ability to find everything from chocolatiers to pizzerias you can find anything you could wish for in these winding streets.

Best Place To Find Food .jpg

Made up of their original sandstone foundations, The rocks is a collection of beautiful buildings surrounding the foundations of the Sydney harbour bridge. Not only is there amazing food, this area is also rich in a multitude of music and art shops, where you can find some really unique items.

Best Historical Places

In all my Sydney travels I found that its best feature are the amazing buildings and architectural sights speckled all over the city. If you’re looking for a great city photo look no further than the heart of Sydney

The first stand-out place to visit while in Sydney is the famous Sydney Opera House. Not only is it one of the most iconic spots for Sydney tourists, it has also been classified as one of the 20th century’s most distinctive buildings and if that isn’t a reason to stop by , I don’t know what is.

Places To See & Things To Do In Sydney .jpg

With its unique and beautiful structure, it is often marked as an identifying feature of the Australian city. Additionally, you can also admire the building by embarking on one of the several tours that explore inside the Opera House’s theatre, giving you a chance to learn more about its iconic history.

Just a short walk away you can find the beautiful Sydney botanical gardens, one of my favourite places I visited on my recent travels.

A perfect place to visit if your wanting to get away from the bustling city crowds and relax on the grass or take a quiet stroll within its landscaped gardens. Needless to say, it’s the best place to get the perfect shot of the afternoon sun peaking through oak trees – You may even get a glimpse of the harbour in the background.

Best Unexpected Spot

Another favourite photos and memories is definitely had to be short stop over at Fort Denison island.

Easily accessible by catching a quick ferry trip from the Circular Quay station or Darling harbour docks:

Fort Denison island..jpg

With a rich and interesting history as one of the original Sydney prisons, Fort Denson is completely separated from the mainland.Now operating as a historical site, a quick visit will unveil a mini museum about the islands’ history as well as a beautiful outlook where you can see the original weaponry cannons.

Only have a short time to see Sydney? In my opinion, the best way to take in the Sydney sights is to get on a Harbour cruise. Providing not only some amazing views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, you can also catch a great view of the little nature islands that surround the harbour.

I had an amazing time returning to Sydney and re-visiting some of my favourite places. I wish all my fellow travellers good luck and I hope you all fall in love with Sydney as much as I have.

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