Tips For Capturing Great Photos Of Wildflowers In WA

Tips For Capturing Great Photos Of  Wildflowers In WA.jpgFor enthusiastic and professional photographers who like travelling, the diverse regions of Western Australia can feel like paradise. The indigenous wildlife and flora of the state is simply enchanting and beautiful. Besides that, the place is also home to around 12,000 species of wildflowers, which start blooming from July and continue to grow until November. Every region has its own unique species because of environmental differences like fauna, soil type, weather, geography and plant systems. Does all of that sound very enticing to you (in case you happen to be a shutterbug)? Well, before you start out, it might be a good idea to take a look at some photography tips. Maybe you are an expert, but hey, going through useful tips can do no harm.

Whether you are interested in Kojonup wildflower tours or the Crooked Brook Forest in Dardanup, make sure you follow the undermentioned tips to take great shots of exquisite flowers:

Tips For Capturing Great  Photos Of Wildflowers In WA.jpg

  • Don’t forget to pack in extra batteries and memory cards for your camera. There is no telling as to how many pictures it might take for you to be satisfied with your floral photography tour. Also, carry everything inside a convenient waterproof bag.
  • Try using the aperture priority or the dedicated ‘flower’ symbol for limiting the depth of field. Doing so will blur as well as soften the backdrop and emphasise the object, that is, flower. Always keep in mind that less depth of field equals less F-stop.
  • In case there is low lighting, use your tripod because it will prevent the camera from shaking, enable sharp focus and help to capture images at slow shutter speeds even without a flash.
  • Capture several shots from varying angles.
  • Use a reflector to have more light on the subject.
  • If it starts to get windy, make a windbreak out of your jacket for preventing the plant from moving.
  • Although experts suggest using macro lens for capturing shots of wildflowers, it is not mandatory. Even a close up filter can do the trick. Also, the latter is cheaper.
  • Try to take shots that portray a flower in its natural environment. Such pictures really speak for themselves.

Following these tips will ensure that you can get the best shots of your favourite wildflowers. So what are you waiting for? Book a proper accommodation in advance, pack in your photography gear and set out on a quest to capture the beautiful wildflowers in WA with your camera.


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  1. Hi Travelling Australia. Love nature and being in the countryside away from lots of people and traffic. But I would also be looking for UFO’s and Ghosts as in these places! Thank you so much for liking my poems “The Ships! Throwing! and Perfection!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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