Western Australia – A Land Of Natural Beauty

Western Australia -  A Land Of Natural BeautyWestern Australia is often deemed as the final frontier of Australia because of its meagre population, immense dimensions and having the most isolated capital in the world. However, it does not mean that the country has not got anything for offering to tourists and backpackers. Up in the northern regions of the nation, one can expect to encounter a variety of photogenic landscapes. For instance, the Karijini National Park has got eye-catching waterfalls and gorges. Then there is the enchanting area of Bloome, where flaming red sunsets adorn the shores of Cable Beach.

Karijini National Park waterfalls .jpg

For those who wish to witness marine life and beaches filled with white sand, the Coral Bay is more than an ideal spot. On the other hand, the Southwest has got to offer lush green flora, wildflower expanses and also its own impressive beaches. Enthusiastic surfers can ride the waves at Margaret River where vignerons produce world-class wines. Besides that, there are also some really delightful restaurants in the town that offer gourmet grub.

northern Western Australia is Coral Bay.jpg

There is one thing common among all places in Western Australia – abundant native wildlife. So visitors and travellers can expect to witness indigenous fauna of the nation up close. Enthusiasts will have the tempting opportunity to spot pods of migrating whales from the coast of Albany. Besides that, one can also have a jolly good time interacting with dolphins at Monkey Mia.

Western Australia - migrating whales from the coast of Albany..jpg

However, Western Australia is not just about exquisite flora and fauna. The cosmopolitan cities and suburbs of the country have a laid-back feel about them, which makes them more than perfect for holidaymakers and vacationers. For example, on the way from Perth to Esperance, there are quite a number of fantastic B&Bs. What’s even better is that travellers can also avail group discount at Kojonup accommodation facilities. They are ideal to use as a base while exploring the Great Southern. In addition to that, the owners of these facilities are very friendly and take great care of their guests.

A Brief Discussion About The Australian Rose Maze.jpg

To top it all off, the nation of Western Australia is really vast and one can practically lose their way without a proper guide. The driving distances are more than mind-boggling, complemented by unforgiving elements and challenging terrains. However, the experience travellers collect here remain etched in their memories for a lifetime.

So if you were in two minds about visiting Western Australia, don’t waste anymore time and book your tickets as soon as possible to holiday in this wonderful nation.


3 thoughts on “Western Australia – A Land Of Natural Beauty

  1. Australia the land under has lots of different areas in which I think it would be fun to take the time to visit each one and find my favorite and then coming back and visit it over and over. I’m really looking forward to seeing and learning more about the beaches and Melbourne area cause first I love the water and second I love Tennis. So I could combine both loves in one trip. LOL

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  2. Hi Travelling Australia. Does look Great! Sadly I have never had the longing to travel (Hate Travelling in a flying plastic tube) But I am all for people who like to travel. Thank you so much for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things paranormal conspiracy theories and observing life! Writing a passion that keeps me sane and alive! So really nice to meet you. The Foureyed Poet.

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