A Guide To The Great Southern Region Of Western Australia

A Guide To The Great Southern Region Of  Western Australia.jpgA trip to the Great Southern region of Western Australia will not only allow you to cherish your presence amidst a unique & spectacular natural environment, but also provide a memorable experience filled with food, history and wine. Though this region is a bit far away along a less trodden track and quite isolated, the solitude that offered by this place is invigorating and peaceful.

The Great Southern is inhabited mainly by fisherfolk and mariners, and also the Noongar people. It is also the home to thousands of indigenous animals living in the forests. There are farming communities as well, who work closely and harvest their crops during summer.

A Guide To The Great Southern Region Of Western Australia .jpg

As has been mentioned already, the culture of the Great Southern region is characterised by a love for great wine and food. On one hand, the pristine seas surrounding the area deliver a variety of seafood. In addition to that, the agricultural land practically acts as a bowl of food for the whole state and regional chefs serve inspired fare. Simultaneously, wine is available in abundance across 5 sub-regions of the Great Southern. What’s more is that each of those sub-regions have their own distinct terroir.

The mountain wilderness, forests and spectacular coastlines of the place are a treat to the eyes of any nature lover. There are several attractions available for tourists, including the Granite Skywalk in Porongurup Range, the Natural Bridge & Gap in Albany and so on. According to locals, the best time for visiting the Great Southern is autumn, as the whole place attains a soothing stillness that is ideal enjoying mountain biking, coastal treks, alfresco winery lunches and bushwalking.

11.Contos Beach, Cape-to-Cape track, Western Australia

However, winter is also not a bad time for holidaying in this awesome place. Throughout the chilly days of June to October, whales start to appear in large numbers in the Southern Ocean. Days alternate from being sunny and still to wet and cold. The weather becomes perfect to enjoy hearty meals in front of roaring log fires.

Places which offer the best accommodation in The Great Southern are Kojonup and Albany. While Albany has its own motels and holiday apartments to boast of, Kojonup boasts of many B&B accommodation facilities offering corporate packages. So if you are making plans to visit the Great Southern soon enough, make sure to book a place to stay in either Albany or Kojonup well in advance.



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