Planning A Trip To Kojonup

Trip To Kojonup.jpgLocated 2-hours drive away from the city of Perth on the Albany Highway is Kojonup, one of the oldest places in Western Australia. The region is more than a historic town or an exquisite gateway to the Great Southern. The heart of this place houses the famous freshwater spring which attracted the European settlers for the first time ever in 1837. In addition to that, Kojonup is also home to the Old Military Barracks, which is one of the most antique military structures in Western Australia.

Kojonup possesses a lengthy and proud history that stretches back almost centuries to those days when the nomadic Aborigines started settling in the area due to availability of abundant game and also the freshwater spring. The name of the town itself bears a historical significance. It was derived from ‘kodja’, a stone axe that was made by the Aborigines using local stone found in the region. For those who wish to know more about the indigenous culture and history, a visit to the famous Kodja place is imperative.Planning A Trip To Kojonup?.jpg

The Kodja Place remains open for visitors all throughout the year except for Christmas Day. Its main attractions are the Australian Rose Maze and 3 Women’s Stories, the Kodj Gallery & storyplace and Jack’s indigenous tours. The appealing and spacious settings of the place are also rented out for weddings, cocktail events, meetings and concerts. Its Visitor Centre features a wonderful gift shop offering Noongar-Indigenous craft, art, stationery, printed shirts, gourmet produce, greeting cards, books and lots of other goods.

There are plenty of places that offer family accommodation in Kojonup, such as bread & breakfasts, hotels, resorts, etc. The town is also exceptionally well-equipped with various facilities for catering to nearly all sports activities. Travellers can even simply relax by basking in the tranquillity and peacefulness of the surroundings. For nature lovers, there is the picturesque countryside, filled with wildflowers and native wildlife. Many homes in Kojonup also take part in Australian Open Garden Scheme under the Festival of Wildflowers organised every year in September.Planning A Trip To Kojonup.jpgIf somebody is looking for a good place to eat and drink in Kojonup, they definitely would not be disappointed with the available options. Pizza and lamb souvlaki lovers can dine at Tom’s Bakehouse, which also serves freshly made pastries. Then there are the 124 Cafe, another pizza joint and Caltex, where one can get great tasting food & coffee.


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