Top Attractions in Kojonup

Top Attractions in Kojonup.jpgKojonup is a beautiful town lying 256 kilometres south-east to Perth along the Albany Highway in Western Australia. The place derives its name from ‘Kodja’, a type of stone axe created by the Indigenous Australians using the native stone. Being one of the oldest and most popular regions in Western Australia, Kojonup features a wide variety of attractions that make visitors want to come back again and again. Some of them have been discussed below:

Historical Sites :

There are plenty of historical sites in the region of Kojonup, the most notable among which is the Walk Trail that leads to other significant places making up the intriguing heritage of the town. These include the Military Barracks, St. Mary’s Church, the Old Post Office, the Old School and 52 other sites that reflect Kojonup’s eclectic history.

The Kodja Place :

This attraction was conceived by combining the cultures of several districts harmoniously. A purpose-built and architecturally designed earth building, the Kodja place houses an impressive collection of stories, artefacts, exhibits, pictures and interactive displays. It speaks volumes about the geographical, cultural and economical influences that shaped modern-day Kojonup. It comprises several areas including the Australian Rose Maze, Yoondi’s Mia Mia, the Story Place and the Kodj Gallery.

The Rose Maze :

As has been mentioned already, the Rose Maze is a part of the Kodja Place and tells the tale of three women named Yoon Di, Maria and Elizabeth. It features a beautiful and intricate maze formed by a hundred different types of exquisite roses, some of which are rare species. It also hosts interesting Kojonup wildflower tours, where people are led through an array of striking pergolas, plaques and mosaics.

Flora & Fauna Reserves :

There are several reserves in Kojonup which protect the indigenous wildlife and vegetation. For instance, there is the Farrar reserve, which covers an area of more than 1000 acre. Visitors can also check out the Myrtle Benn Flora & Fauna Sanctuary, a reserve created by local school kids during the 1960s for allowing public access to exquisite natural flora and establishing multiple walking trails. There is also the Australian Bush Heritage Block that features a dense Eucalyptus wandoo woodland and houses several mammals & birds.

In addition to different types of enticing attraction, Kojonup is also famous for its beautiful bed and breakfast facilities. Most of these facilities, such as the Clover House, provide comfortable accommodation to guests looking for a place to stay at night before touring the Great Southern.


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